1. Installer les drivers Nvidia
sudo apt-get install nvidia-kernel-common nvidia-glx

2. Editer xorg.conf :
sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Trouver la section "Module" et faire en sorte qu'elle ait ces valeurs :
# Load "GLcore"
# Load "dri"
Load "glx"

Trouver la section "Devices" et faire en sorte qu'elle ait ces valeurs :
Section "Device"
Identifier- leave this line alone!
Driver "nvidia"
BusID "PCI:1:0:0"
Option "RenderAccel" "true"

3. Installer XGL
sudo apt-get install compiz xserver-xgl libgl1-mesa xserver-xorg libglitz-glx1 compiz-gnome

4. Faire démarer XGL en même temps que Gnome :
sudo gedit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom

# GDM Configuration Customization file.
# This file is the appropriate place for specifying your customizations to the
# GDM configuration. If you run gdmsetup, it will automatically edit this
# file for you and will cause the daemon and any running GDM GUI programs to
# automatically update with the new configuration. Not all configuration
# options are supported by gdmsetup, so to modify some values it may be
# necessary to modify this file directly by hand.
# To hand-edit this file, simply add or modify the key=value combination in
# the appropriate section in the template below. Refer to the comments in the
# gdm.conf file for information about each option. Also refer to the reference
# documentation.
# If you hand edit a GDM configuration file, you should run the following
# command to get the GDM daemon to notice the change. Any running GDM GUI
# programs will also be notified to update with the new configuration.
# gdmflexiserver –command="UPDATE_CONFIG <configuration key>"
# For example, the "Enable" key in the "[debug]" section would be specified by
# "debug/Enable".
# You can also run gdm-restart or gdm-safe-restart to cause GDM to restart and
# re-read the new configuration settings. You can also restart GDM by sending
# a HUP or USR1 signal to the daemon. HUP behaves like gdm-restart and causes
# any user session started by GDM to exit immediately while USR1 behaves like
# gdm-safe-restart and will wait until all users log out before restarting GDM.
# For full reference documentation see the gnome help browser under
# GNOME|System category. You can also find the docs in HTML form on
# http://www.gnome.org/projects/gdm/
# NOTE: Lines that begin with "#" are considered comments.
# Have fun!








[servers]# Override display 1 to use Xgl (DISPLAY 1 IMPORTANT FOR ATI FGLRX).

name=Xgl server
command=/usr/bin/Xgl :0 -fullscreen -ac -accel glx:pbuffer -accel xv:fbo

5. Faire marcher Compiz
sudo gedit /usr/bin/thefuture

Coller ceci :
gnome-window-decorator & compiz –replace gconf decoration wobbly fade minimize cube rotate zoom scale move resize place switcher &

On sauvegarde, on ferme et on change les droits :
sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/thefuture

On redémarre l'Ordi …

xmodmap /usr/share/xmodmap/xmodmap.<language>

Pour lancer le tout, dans un terminal :

Accessoirement, au démarage de la session, on peut mettre ça :
compiz –replace gconf


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